Allclass Quality Constructions Concreting Gold Coast


For works outside new homes, renovations and extensions, Allclass Quality Constructions has experience in all facets of the concrete building industry - commercial industrial, civil and residential projects.

With a specialisation in difficult projects and work that other contractors often won’t do, we will work with you on projects of all sizes in concrete rectification work, e.g. grinding, scabbling, crack repairs and concrete cancer repairs. On Time and On Budget.

Contact us to discuss your project and any of the following concreting services you may need:

Concrete slabs
Project set out
Slab base preparation
Place and finish all classes of concrete
Reinforcing placing
Formwork supply and place to foundations and ground slabs
Concrete curing, concrete floor sealers
Concrete sealer/hardeners, dust proofers
Polished concrete coloured dyes
Texture coatings
Epoxy coatings
Joint sealants
Concrete rectification
Diamond grinding
Concrete mowing
Captive shot blasting
Concrete scabbling
Water proofing
Speed humps
Line marking
Wheel stops
Mechanical sweeping/scrubbing
Final clean

Getting Started

The first steps along the new home build, renovation or extension journey are the trepidatious ones. You don’t want to make a wrong turn, get stuck with the wrong builder or have a negative experience just trying to work it all out. At Allclass Quality Constructions, we want to provide you with a complimentary, obligation free consultation where you can bring all your ideas, dreams and worries to the table without pressure or stress. Our first meet up goes like this:

  A detailed discussion around exactly what you want.

  A look at how these needs and dreams match to your budget.

  A review of what timelines are possible.

  Any questions or concerns you have.